You know I love me the classic movies. I will watch pretty much any classic movie, any genre, any actor in a starring role. I don't always go in for scary movies, not even when their just mind-game scary like this weekend's movie at the International Museum of Art, 'The Stepford Wives.'

This movie was made in 1975, the height of the women's lib movement. Women were getting out into the workforce more and more, they were going to college instead of staying home and having kids, and they were agitating to be treated as equals. Unfortunately at the same time they were also fighting sexual harassment, pressure from traditionalists to be stay-at-home moms, and to be happy being "just a housewife." The Stepford Wives is the story of two liberated women who move to a small town and discover that the men in the town have figured out a very weird way to make make sure that the women they married are subservient housewives who love to spend their days doing laundry and cleaning the house and never striving to be treated as equals.

Katherine Ross, who is married to Sam Elliot and who were both at this year's Plaza Classic Film Festival, stars as Joanna Eberhart, a woman who can't figure out why all the women in Stepford, Connecticut act and look like human Barbie dolls. They never raise their voice, they are perfectly put together, and they do everything their husbands tell them to do. When Joanna figures out why the Stepford wives act that way, she tries to avoid becoming one, but will she escape? You'll have to watch to find out.

The movie is free and after the movie, go check out the Museum. It has a lot of interesting exhibits, and the architecture and furnishings are breathtaking. You can even enjoy the fantastically well-priced concessions. They have popcorn, soft drinks, and candy for a buck a piece so you can take someone with you and will probably only spend about $20 for the whole afternoon.

WHAT: The Stepford Wives
WHEN: Saturday, August 24, 2:00 p.m.
WHERE: International Museum of Art, 1211 Montana

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