Hey there! Happy Halloween! I was reading an article about how Halloween is the second most money making ‘holiday’ right behind Christmas meaning that many, many people are compelled to go out of their way to put together a costume and/or hosting events for people to celebrate the creepy day! I reached out to a few friends of mine that are on your television in El Paso to see what they dressed up as in the past so that I could share them with you on this Halloween 2017! So fun! Do you have a fav?


“Poison Ivy and the hubs was The Riddler! It’s never easy to pick a good costume that you both love! Last, year I decided last minute what we would do and just pieced our costumes together. I bought a green tie & a hat and drew the question marks with permanent marker for my sexy Riddler. For Poison Ivy, I bought most of my pieces at the Spirit store. I wish I could wear this long red wig all the time! The costumes came out great despite being thrown together the same day and they sort of fit our personalities. ;)”



“One Halloween I decided to dress up as my idol, Michael Jackson so my mom helped me and put these costumes together in one day! Moonwalking isn't so easy in heels!”

-Iris Lopez, KVIA ABC-7


“I always wait until the last minute to choose a Halloween Costume. Last year, I was with a friend when the song “Panda” came on the radio and I had my friend slap some makeup on my face and I went as a panda!”

-Joey Carrera, KVIA ABC-7


“I went to a Halloween party at my friends house and we went through his stash of costumes. I found the Donald head and thought it would be fun to make it feminine, kind of like Daisy! So I ran to Hobby Lobby as fast as I could, bought a bunch of feathers and make a skirt!”

Leslie Antunez, EPCSO Public Information Officer

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