Minerpalooza is happening August 31st and people are hyped to party with Paydirt Pete! Another reason UTEP Miners are looking forward to this year's party is due to the announcement of Nickelodeon icon Drake Bell's performing at the event! Minerpalooza has been teasing their performers with mysterious social media posts but, in my opinion, today (08/15) is the best announcement so far. If you do not know who Drake Bell is, let me educate you.

Back in the good ol' days of Nickelodeon programming, they used to broadcast the brilliantly funny Drake & Josh television show. This masterpiece starred Drake Bell and Josh Peck as stepbrothers who ended up in many hilarious shenanigans while trying to avoid their evil sister, Megan. This is my childhood, people.

The television show ran from 2004 - 2007, during the era of teenage sitcoms like iCarly and Victorious. Us millennials learned about life through these shows, so it is obvious we all feel like Drake Bell is our brother from another mother. Now that we know for sure that he will be in El Paso August 31st, it is time we rally together to get Josh Peck in El Paso. I heard he is friends with Vine Famous El Pasoan Vincent Marcus, so maybe he can help us out?

With the power of social media, if we can tweet Josh Peck enough and if he isn't too busy with John Stamos, maybe he would like to have a Drake & Josh reunion in the Sun City? I think we can make it happen, El Pasoans. Let us all tell these Nickelodeon Heroes to think of the children. Well, we are not children anymore but still. We are old enough to use social media and tweet them every day for this Sun City reunion.

P.S. If we can also get them to bring Miranda Cosgrove too, that would be a blessing we all deserve.

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