A really cool TikTok trend is taking over and Texans and Tejano music lovers are loving it.

The song "Desvelado" by Bobby Pulido is currently taking over as many set the song to everyday activities in Mexico.

The muffled sound totally helps to set the scene, and many love how it brings back memories of visiting their parents, or grandparents, in Mexico.

"Desvelado" is Tejano singer Bobby Pulido's signature song. It was released in 1995 and tells the story of a man who is desvelado, or sleepless, after hearing a woman's voice on the radio and falling in love with her.

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Because of the timing of the release of the song, many thought that the song was about our queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla. However, songwriter George Avena, Jr. says the song isn't about her.

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Now, we all know that here in the Lone Star state, Selena is our queen- and as much as we all want to believe that the woman's voice on the radio that he heard and fell in love with was Selena, it just is not true.

In an interview,  Avena, Jr. says that even Selena's father, Abraham, asked if the song was about her shortly after her death, and he had to tell him that it was not.

The real inspriation behind "Desvelado"? Well, the answer may surprise you.

I love Selena and met her in 1994. I wrote the song in 1993 because of 'Sleepless In Seattle'.

That's right, the Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan 1993 Rom-Com "Sleepless in Seattle" is the real inspiration for "Desvelado". Which kind of makes sense, in Spanish the movie is called "El Desvelado de Seattle".

Avena, Jr. added:

If you ever get a chance to watch the movie Sleepless In Seattle you will see how closely related the story of that movie is to my song. A voice of an angel on the radio saying all the right things that the listener was relating to and was falling in love with, and searching for her in Seattle.

I thought the song was about Selena too, but I kind of like this explanation better.

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