Blue October is back with a new track and video for their first single, I Hope You’re Happy.

Coming off their last album Home, the guys from Blue October have been busy dreaming up new music for their 9th studio album of the same name, which is set to be released this summer along with a full tour beginning in March and hopefully will also make their way back to El Paso.

The video for I Hope You’re Happy was just released today to eager fans and it seems that it’s quickly gaining traction as front-man for the band, Justin Furstenfeld, gets into his full acting mode portraying a guy who is looking for meaning and love in the most unexpected of places.

Blue October teamed up once again with Zach Merck who also directed their 2006 video for Into The Ocean and was shot over a 2-day period in Marvin Gaye’s home in Los Angeles, CA.

I Hope You’re Happy is a refreshing new spin on Blue October’s sound – as a fan of the band – this tune really spoke volumes and genuinely conveyed the message that maybe even though things don’t go as planned in your relationships, that in the end you have enough love in your heart that you hope the other person although no longer part of your life, is also happy too.

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