I'm a huuuuuuge Sesame Street fan, and there is no bigger celeb in the world that the Big Yellow One himself, Big Bird!  But after he got name-checked during last week's presidential debate by Mitt Romney, Bird left Sesame Street to pay a visit to SNL to talk presidential politics.

I've posted about Sesame Street in the past, a couple of times, but I never imagined that I would be posting about politics and Big Bird!  But Mitt Romney, who did a great job with the debate last week, changed all that when he said he would stop funding PBS.  He did however have some nice things to say about the channel that showed us how to get, how to get to Sesame Street:

So, Mitt loves Bird, but doesn't think the government should be paying for his nest.  Someone should tell Mr. Romney that the government not paying for PBS will make about the same impact on the national budget, as me not buying a pack of gum will make on my yearly budget.

Fast forward to Big Bird's appearance on SNL and his take on the whole Romney diss:

I think the best part of his SNL appearance was the effect Big Bird had on Seth Meyers!  He was trying to be all cool and hip, but c'mon!  This is BIG BIRD!  Even Seth couldn't keep the 'Big Bird Is Sitting Next To Me' goofball grin off his face!  I know I would do the same thing!



Yay Bird!  You RAWK!