Back on Valentine's Day, Willie Nelson played a special performance at the Abraham Chavez Theatre. We knew Beto O'Rourke was in the crowd but we didn't know he was jamming with Nelson's band backstage. In a video courtesy of Mickey Raphael, harmonica player and member of the Willie Nelson Family band, we see Beto playing guitar with Mickey and another member of the band named Kevin.

Beto is showing some skills with Nelson's professional musicians, which is really no surprise. No one has forgotten Beto was in a punk band. Plus, we have seen Beto on stage performing with Nelson last year, during his annual 4th fo July picnic in Austin, Texas. Later in 2018, Nelson performed a free concert at one of Beto's campaign rallies. This year, Nelson popped up in El Paso and O'Rourke popped up at his concert. These two guys are obviously friends, along with Nelson's band, so it is pretty obvious that a jam was going to happen.

We are happy to bring you a glimpse of the backstage jams that happened when Beto was around Nelson's crew. We are just sorry it took so long.

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