There have been many memorable, crowd-pleasing performances at the El Paso Downtown Street Festival over the years. Kansas,Bush, and Rob Zombie just last year to name but a few.

Although every headliner we've ever had totally came to play, some I enjoyed more than others. None more than Bachman & Turner at the 2011 Street Fest, though. That concert was, in my opinion, the best Street Fest performance evah!

I grew up and came of age to music from the ‘70s, so I was pretty psyched about watching Bachman & Turner to begin with.

They did not disappoint.

Johnnie Walker
Johnnie Walker

B&T busted out with all their AM Radio hits, from their opener “Roll on Down the Highway” to the encore, “Takin’ Care of Business.“ It was everything you want from a band that’s been around forever; all the songs you sang along to on the radio and a handful of their best known deep album cuts sprinkled in.

The one moment I will never forget though, was mid-way through when they went from “Stayed Awake All Night” to “American Woman.” Randy Bachman’s use of a drum stick as a guitar pick, and the seamless way he mashed-up those two songs was and still is EPIC!

Check out the sick medley below and tell me you don’t agree. Although the video was not shot at Street Fest, it’s pretty much a note for note rendition of what we were treated to that hot, sultry night in 2011.

It will take a lot to top that performance in my mind, but I’m looking forward to seeing this year's bands try.

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