So, it's a Saturday or Sunday and you're feeling like doing something fun with the kids. The problem is you don't want to spend a ton of money taking them to movies, lunch, dinner, kid entertainment places or amusement parks. That can get incredibly expensive!

Have you tried a park?

Yes, a park! You'll be outside having fun with the kids, and yet not spending a dime! But where are the best parks in El Paso? Everyone has their favorite, and it's usually right around your house. We've got a few ideas for you just in case you haven't been to one of these El Paso Gems.

Madeline Park - Kern Place

Madeline Park

Georgina remembers going to Madeline Park as far back as 8 years old, "Madeline Park is just beautiful. I lived in that area for a few years and was so happy to be one block away from this neighborhood park. Everyone, from families, couples, kids, birthday parties, tennis players, power walkers, dog-lovers – everyone from the neighborhood and beyond are welcome to enjoy Madeline Park. Lots of big trees and beautiful homes circle this park – providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Have many fond memories of attending birthday parties from the time I was eight."

Brad also loves Madeline Park, "Madeline Park has the best play area for kids and families. Located near UTEP, it’s big, has a Gazebo for concerts, with basketball & tennis courts. I use to take my kids there every week or two!"

Memorial Park - Cooper off Copia

Memorial Park
Photo El Paso

Joanne is a big fan of Memorial Park, "Nestled in an older neighborhood of El Paso surrounded by charming and gorgeous homes, Memorial Park boasts large shade trees and rolling hills, a large playground, swimming pool, and is located across the street from The El Paso Rose Garden.  It hosts 'Art in the Park' in the summer and is a great place to take the family for a cookout or a relaxing stroll."

Georgina has great memories of Memorial Park, too, "When we were kids (long ago), we would spend the night at our grandmother’s on Saturday night and the next day would attend Mass.  Thereafter, we were thrilled to take a bus ride across town and enjoy a picnic lunch at Memorial Park.  The area was well-established with large, now-historic, well-maintained lawns and homes.  Huge trees, lots of space to run and be kids – great memories!"

Teresa is also a fan of Memorial Park, "Memorial Park is beautiful.  It has an old rock bridge, and this is where the Society for Creative Anachronism meets in all their medievel finery!"

Album/Eastwood Park - Album Street

Album Park

Tricia loves the playground at Album Park, "Album Park, on the east side, is the best playground in the city. The towering trees, the baseball fields, the picnic areas - it really is the prettiest spot in the city. When I was growing up, one of my closest childhood friends, Renee Rede, dragged my princess butt there to be on a softball team. Renee was one serious athlete, even in elementary school, and I was always the last one to be picked for ANY team! But I stuck it out for a whole summer and had a blast.

When my boys were young, I used to take them to Album Park to run around. They would play tag with the other kids who always seemed to be in the park. Tag, hide and go seek - all the crazy games that kids used to play and parents used to encourage so they would run their little selves ragged and go home and take a nap! One day, we were at the park and it was hotter than heck. The ice cream man was in the parking lot and so was a guy making sno cones. I got three sno cones and we wandered around the park trying to cool off, when lo and behold, the magic Rocket slide came into view! Kids loved the Rocket, but in the middle of summer, it was hot as a griddle! That didn't stop Ryan, who was about nine at the time, from wanting to slide, however. He climbed to the top, but there were three other kids on the slide who were trying to get down without putting their legs on the slide. Apparently they weren't moving fast enough for Ryan, so he reached into his sno cone and started throwing handfuls of ice at the kids! It got them moving but quick! Once they were off the slide, Ryan took off his tennis shoes, sat on his butt so that his shorts and socks were the only thing touching the hot slide. He did that a couple of times before I saw a couple of parents heading our way to "talk" to me about my child's less than sportsmanlike behavior!

I scooped up Sam and Ryan and I hightailed it to the car, and I'm sorry to say, I laughed with him the whole way home!"

Mission Hills Park - Stanton & O'Keefe

Mission Hills Park

Katie recalls taking her daughter to Mission Hills Park, "Best playground? … it’s called Mission Hills Park on Stanton & OKeefe.

The park offers plenty of play stuff for kids, lots of shade in play area and lots of shade by trees for picnicking and napping….there is also a walking/biking trail (.5 mile) around the park that makes it great for walks.

My daughter learned how to ride a bike at this park!

I used to live in the area when my child was young…we would regularly meet neighborhood parents and their kids at this park for impromptu playdates, birthday parties and picnics. The park has good lighting at night, too.

Love Mission Hills Park!!!"

Don Haskins Recreation Center - High Ridge

Don Haskins Recreation Center

Courtney, a huge skate/BMX fan, loves to take his family to Don Haskins Park, "Don Haskins Park There’s a park at the end of High Ridge (west El Paso) that has a lot….Soccer/football field, 2 baseball fields, kids playground, toddlers playground, skate park that could double as a BMX riding area, several covered picnic areas.  It’s backs up against some hiking areas, too.  Great park because of variety of activities, well thought out by designers.  We had several events, Scout activities, baseball games there."

Johnnie also really likes Don Haskins Park, "The softball/baseball fields they have out at Don Haskins Park are really nice! We practiced out there for our charity softball tournament last year and didn't worry or hurt ourselves tripping over holes in the outfield or uneven infields. There were even bases so we didn't have to bust out the paper plate moving base markers. You how much it sucks to tag the plate and have it slide with your leg, sending you into the splits? Ouch!"

White Spur Park - Doniphan and Sunset

White Spur Park

JT remembers when the White Spur Park (formerly Love Park) finally came together, "Six or seven years ago a neighborhood came together, got all the bureaucratic red tape handle, raised dollars, recruited volunteers and built the coolest little park on the Westside of town. The previously wasted piece of land at the corner of Doniphan and Sunset is now a bustling neighborhood park with, lots of laughter, plenty of shade, a state of the art safe playground for kids and a great area for t-ball and youth soccer teams to practice."

Ray loves to take his daughter to White Spur Park, "There's everything a kid wants to play with there. They have shade for me, awesome luxury recliner swings, and this really cool music section with awesome instruments that kids can actually play! You have to check out this park!"

Where are your favorite parks? What do they have that makes them special to you? Let us know!

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