Tamales at Christmas time are a tradition at my home, and while many families come together around the holiday to make them, we prefer to take the easy way out and buy them.

Fortunately, El Paso is a big tamal town and there are plenty of places that make tamales as good as any abuelita. Which of those places makes the best tamales, however, is a debate that will never be settled.

But after posing the question to our listeners and Facebook fans, and consulting the crowd-sourced site Yelp, I can at least point you in the direction of the top vote-getters. Now, as far as the red or green debate, well, that’s easy; a dozen of both, of course!

  • Tamales Lupita

    6860 Doniphan Dr., (915) 877-2208

    How to Get There

  • Pepe's Tamales

    9530 Viscount Blvd #1F, (915) 591-7949

    How to Get There

  • La Tapatia

    8941 Old County Drive, (915) 859-9616

    How to Get There

  • Gussies Tamales & Bakery

    2200 N. Piedras St., (915) 566-8209

    How to Get There

  • Doña Lupita Tamales

    13431 Montana Ave., Ste. A, (915) 921-8111

    How to Get There

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