There is nothing like wearing a dress.  It's so different than wearing a skirt and shirt.  Men don't wear dresses (not that there's anything wrong if they do!), so putting on a dress is completely a completely female thing to do.  Over the course of the history of movies, there have been some really good ones.

My favorite in this list is the Elizabeth Taylor slip.  Not a slip dress, but a slip.  Google it kids - we used to wear these in my day!  I know it's not a dress, per se, but she wore it so well and was so comfortable in it that she probably could have gotten away with wearing it to Big Daddy's birthday party.  Google 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof', kids.

Check out the list of best movie dresses, and then this clip of Elizabeth Taylor in all her glory with Paul Newman!

And here's Julia Roberts in the classic red dress scene from 'Pretty Woman':

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