Are you a beer connoisseur? If so, this is for you!Let me share a quick story with you. When my brother and I moved back from Portland, OR we had been spoiled by all the micro-breweries and craft beers available. Then we moved back to El Paso and were left wanting with no micro-brewery in sight.

Up until recently have craft beers been available in El Paso, sure a few here and there at a local restaurant or even beer store. But not to the level that we are seeing in the last few years which is awesome.

So while talking to my good friend Adrian Perez (the craft-import specialist for L&F Distributors) I found out about the Beer Dinners he has been having around town.

Read on if you are you are down for an out of this world experience!

For their 50th Beer Dinner they are going ALL out with The Hoppy Monk. They are bringing in Christy Hanson of GLobal Beer Network to talk about the Belgian Breweries she represents.

Plus they have the El Paso Community donating all kinds of services for door prizes. From a close single-edge razor shave from Gentlemens Republic, to a certificate from Pink Kitty Passions! EVERYONE will leave with a nice gift, not to forget the experience!

They are pairing up some delicious food with a Belgian Brew; each meal has ‘beer’ as an ingredient to enhance the flavor profile. They’ll also be sharing tons of beer knowledge, facts, with an unparalleled amazing time.

The Hoppy Monk will top it off with some pretty amazing food! They’ll talk about the beers, where they come from, their characteristics, and style, and Chef Daniel Lopez and owner Joseph Valenzuela will explain the dishes to the crowd. Your taste buds are going to go bananas as the beers you’ll sample are bottle condition beers, and higher in alcohol. But no worries they'll serve responsibly.

So you have amazing beer, exquisite food, prizes, gifts, an EXTRA beer, and a fun time with friends and family!

This dinner was valued at $90 in NY, but they’re keeping it real at $65! WORTH....EVERY.....PENNY!

Eat Drink & Be Merry My Friends!

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