Beer, Bites, & Beats

On September 15th we had an amazing time taking over Downtown El Paso to give you Beer, Bites, & Beats. This unique craft beer festival was so fun as the streets were filled with local vendors, food trucks and music lovers. Local bands were rocking the stage all day long, right before Blue October rocked the stage.

We can't thank Blue October enough for being one of the coolest bands to headline our events. Justin Furstenfeld and the guys really have a way of connecting with the fans, which is why El Paso probably loves them so much. Even after the meet and greet, I met one lady who was freaking out because she tripped over Justin and REALLY needed a beer.

After telling her, "Come on, it is Justin you know he took that trip as a compliment." She agreed and chugged a beer. They are really just that cool that the mention of his name and attitude is an instant stress remedy. Thank you El Paso for being so good to us and we will hopefully, see you next year!

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