If things that go bump in the night and other mysterious activity fascinates you, and becoming the next Zak Bagans is something you dream about, maybe being a paranormal investigator is the thing for you.

Paranormal Research Investigations, a local group of investigators dedicated to finding the truth on reported paranormal phenomena, is offering aspiring ghost-busters the chance to learn the essentials of ghost hunting for free.

Ramiro Galvan, head investigator for PRI, will lead the first of two seminars this Saturday, September 21, at the Clardy Fox Library located at 5515 Robert Alva Ave.

There is no fee to attend “Beginning Paranormal Investigator Training,” but it will require a few hours of your time over two successive Saturdays.

Some areas to be covered, according to the event post, will be “traits of a good investigator, EMF theory and hands on application, EVP's and theory, [and] good habits of audio/video recording and hands on application.”

They might even open up and let you stare deep into their briefcases filled with meters, recorders, sensors, and all kinds of other ghost-hunting equipment we can't even begin to understand.

So, iron the wrinkles out of your ghost logo jumpsuit, strap on the proton pack, and visit PRI on Facebook for more details.

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