'Sixteen Candles' was all fun and games and a lot of underage drinking, but if you are caught allowing underage teens to drink in your home, you could face fines of up to $1,000 under a new ordinance passed by El Paso City Council in December of last year.

A lot of parents often think that letting teens drink in their homes is a good idea, but it is still breaking the law. KTSM reports that a Paso Del Norte Health Foundation found that alcohol is present at over 50% percent of local 12th grade and 30% of 9th grade parties.

After June 1, if you allow underage drinking in your home, your first violation would bring a fine of $250 dollars, the second violation $500, and the third $1,000.

What happens if a party rages at your house without your approval or while you are out of town? You’re still going to be held accountable, so make sure your kids don’t do that. You might get a warning the first time, but you will be subject to fines if it happens again.

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