If you are a lover of podcasts, you might already know about Bad Friends.

Hosted by comedians Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee, with sidekick Rudy, this podcast is crazy random and outrageous. Sometimes they scream, yell and act out some plays on the spot.

In this recent episode, you are treated to an exclusive act of Rudy being a host at a Mexican food restaurant. The scene features Andrew and Bobby playing a couple out on a date night. During this play, they are improvising most of the play which brings in this imaginary restaurant.

Coming straight out of Bobby Lee's mind, Totijunas is a restaurant that originated from El Paso but has moved around a lot. I just appreciate Bobby Lee thinking of El Paso as a place to originate some amazing Mexican restaurants.

Since the comedians are still improvising what is on the menu, I don't think this restaurant idea would ever make it due to their variety of dishes and drinks. The best thing on the menu sounds like a bucket of spring water.

You can hear the whole play completely improvised in the podcast episode below.

While the pandemic hurt many restaurants, some are still trying to recover. A few new restaurants and businesses are managing to still open up, including Hook and Reel in East El Paso. I have been waiting around to see what happens with that because I drive by it almost every day.

Even though this is a fake restaurant, I can still dream that one day a restaurant owned by some of my favorite comedians will become a reality right here in El Paso, Texas!

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