Welcome back to a new episode of "What the Buzz"- the bi-weekly podcast Emily and I host where we share everything you don't hear on air.

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This new episode of "What the Buzz" is available on the free KLAQ mobile app and also conveniently available on our website on the "Listen Live" player. This episode is entitled "It's Complicated" and when you hear it, you'll get it!

We are also joined by our digital guru Michelle- and I won't lie, for a while now, I have been trying to see if we can get Michelle to be our new phone screener! We really need a phone screener!

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More importantly, in this episode, we talk about Emily nearing her "Double Quince" meaning her 30th birthday (get it, cuz quince is 15, double 15?). Also, I have been invited to my first quince back since the pandemic began! I'm excited to be able to go back to a quince, and with that, we talk about our quinceañeras.

Emily and I both had one, Michelle did not, instead, Michelle opted for a birthday trip- which she cannot remember where she went. It looks like Buzz also had a quince:


I received the same ultimatium, either a quince or a trip, I chose the party. Mine and Emily's quinceañera were both a nice party, although Emily does admit she did it more for her grandparents, and I did it solely for the party.

We get into more details on the episode, including getting Buzz and assistant. You can get this new episode wherever you find your favorite podcasts! Until next time boos and ghouls!

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