Bill Cosby just passed through our area and now onto "The Weasel" himself, Pauly Shore.

You've seen him in such movies as Encino Man, Son-in-Law, Bio-Dome, In The Army Now, Jury Duty and even MTV and  countless others. He will be in El Paso this weekend. Pauly Shore stole our hearts in the '90s and he is now on the road with his stand up show!

He is totally uncut and out-of-control live in his stand up show and you can see him live at Bart Reed's Comic Strip. He always mades me laugh when he was in Encino Man and the cashiers at the convenient store tell him not to weez the juice!

And who can forget those Steven Tyler PJs!

He is definetely a sight to see and is sure to entertain here in El Paso. Get your tickets before it's sold out.


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