I wish my dog would enjoy taking a bath as much as Barry the pug does.

Barry the pug lives in Australia, where there has been a heat wave lately, so his owner decided to give him a treat. Not a normal treat, like a bone or a do biscuit, but a nice refreshing bath. Most dogs would run and hide from the idea of having to take a bath but not Barry! Barry instead lifts his neck to get under the rolls, moves around so he gets all clean and even gets a happy foot from how excited he is in the bath.

My only problem with the video, is the fact that they also need their face rolls to be cleaned, usually once a day. His owner doesn't do it in the video, but I assume from how healthy (let's be honest fat) his dog he obviously takes very good care of him. Watch the video and giggle at how adorable Barry the pug is!

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