Here's what you may have missed over the weekend concerning the Colorado theater shooting:

--It took officials two days to remove all the booby traps 24-year-old James E. Holmes left in his apartment. That included liquids, explosives, and chemicals that would've killed anyone who entered had he not told them about the traps. He hasn't cooperated otherwise. If he remains silent, FBI behavioral analysts say it could take months to determine his motive.

--His semi-automatic rifle jammed during the shooting, and the FBI believes that stroke of luck saved several lives. He had to switch to a handgun, which couldn't fire as many rounds as quickly.

--It has become clear the attack was planned, quote, "with calculation and deliberation" for months. Holmes purchased the guns legally from local gun shops starting back in May, and bought ammo and Kevlar online a few weeks ago.

--Holmes is being held in solitary confinement on suspicion of 12 counts of first-degree murder. He's in solitary because, allegedly, other inmates at the detention center have expressed a desire to killi him.

--Audio surfaced online over the weekend of police and other emergency personal talking to each other right after the shooting happened. As you'd imagine, it was chaos. Here's a clip ...

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