The Army presence in El Paso is strong.  We love our troops and their families, and thank God every day that they are willing to serve our country, and sacrifice with their lives to keep all of us safe.  Because of that, the Army came to El Paso to showcase Fort Bliss and it's some of it's troops in a series of new 'we kick ass, come do it with us' recruitment ads.  Check them out!

Here is the story our news partners at KVIA did on the commercials.  This is a 2 minute long commercial that introduces the campaign.  Then there are four other 30 second or so commercials that highlight education, strength, opportunity, and leadership

Actor Gary Sinese, who came to Fort Bliss to entertain the troops, narrates the 30 second spots so well, the hair on my arms stood up! 


And God Bless our Troops and the Unites States of America!