You know being an adult now is a wild thing.  I talk with family and friends and always ask, "How old to you feel?"  They usually give a younger age.  I always respond, "I feel, eh, 28ish" and I do and I don't.  Then I will sit back and observe mama Juanita, she still as wonderful as I remember...yes, she moves slower now, yes, she can't hear certain things as clearly as she use to, YES, she forgets now, BUT I remember when she yelled and did she YELL!

I'm sure you remember someone in the family who's voice was a YELL.  I know having kids especially TEENAGE KIDS YELL is the first tone in your vocabulary.  So I was talking to my sister-in-law teacher Terry and she told me she came across this report from the Huffington Post about the GOODS, BADS, and REALness on yelling!  Catch the conversation by clicking HERE!

See where you fall!  You will always remember mom, dad, abuela, tio, tia, friend's mom, I can say you will cherish those brilliant memories!  Yes it may or may not be healthy, BUT let me tell you, when I'm at the store and see that MAMA LOOK, I go fetal and listen!!!!

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