The 2022 graduates will soon take their "walk" so, expect traffic issues near the venues involved. Especially the Don Haskins Center.

Some schools, like El Paso High School for example, are using their own facilities for graduation ceremonies. (Tigers graduate June 3rd in Jones stadium.) Other schools, like the Trans Mountain early college high school, are using different areas of the UTEP campus other than the Don Haskins Center. (Those students will graduate June 4th in Magoffin Auditorium.) See a complete list of area graduation ceremonies here

Most graduations are, as usual, being held in the Don Haskins Center though so traffic delays and slowdowns can be expected in that area from, approximately, June 6th through June 11th. There are sometimes as many as three ceremonies per day in the Don Haskins Center so, these delays can be expected pretty much all day, every day as the graduates' family and friends makes their way in and out of the area. Ceremonies will begin as early as 8 am on some days and as late as 7 pm. See the schedule here.

For those attending events in the Don Haskins Center, remember there are many do's and don'ts with that facility. Prohibited items include noisemakers, food and drink from outside the building, drones, large signs or banners, and more.

The Don Haskins Center, and Magoffin auditorium as well, also have very strict rules regarding bags and purses. After a couple of years of no events, we learned about that one the hard way at the Ghost and Volbeat concert.

Graduations are wonderful events and these people are celebrating a lifetime of work and study so, if you do get caught in a traffic jam, be patient.

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