A cold brew, the roar of the crowd, the anticipation of a fiery crash ... racing is exciting.

Except at this one. Sure, the brews are cold and the crowd may roar.

Don't count on the fiery crashes at all though, these racers are very careful.

Little Woodrow's in Houston has come up with a fun way to entertain their customers, turtle races.

Even if you hate racing, how could you not be a fan of cute little, heavily armored and highly skilled racers going head to head in, as Judas Priest sang, "an exhibition, of sheer precision"?

How Do The Turtles Race?

Ok, things may not always move that fast or all that precisely but, c'mon ... you know you want to go. Here's how it works:

  • The turtles are placed in a bucket, in a ring. The bucket is lifted and the turtles begin to wander.
  • They start on a surface with a ramp and slide down the ramp into a circle.
  • From there, it's winner take all as, eventually, one turtle leaves the circle and takes his, (or her), place in the winner's circle.

People Bet On The Turtle Races

Patrons bet on the turtles ... each numbered and given cool names like "Kim Kar-Dash-Ian", "The Tank" and "Just The Tip" ... and the winners score certificates which can be redeemed at Little Woodrow's.

Seriously, it is kind of exciting.

These suckers are quicker than you might think.

El Paso totally needs this. Amanda and Mario ... owners of the B - Bars, (B-17, B-2 and B-52 Oyster Pubs) ... I'm looking at you.

You have space and you are constantly finding homes for animals so, I'm sure you can drum a up a few turtles.

Let me know when racing season starts and I'll drop the flag.

El Paso Off-Roading Toys

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