chile salsa

You like it, you really like it!

We had our own in-house chile salsa competition just as the Mexican Food Cook-Off kick starts tomorrow at Cleveland Square Park.

I want to thank all the participants and of course the rest of our crew for popping over to the programming side to vote for their favorite salsa.

The results are in:

  • In at #1, Monika’s spicy goodness.
  • Our digital gal, Lauren, tried to pull a fast one on us by buying hers (Walmart brand) and scored second place!
  • Coming in third was Tricia Martinez, this stuff was good, had all the signs of delicious salsa with a mellow, mild spiciness to it.
  • Forth place went to Jack Quarles, one of our top sales guys who went to Ranchers Market to carefully select his ingredients, which included piñones and smoked Gouda cheese.
  • And last but not least Super Mario from KLAQ who took time from his busy schedule to bring us the only green salsa infused with Tequila!

Congratulations to everyone and a big Thank You to The Riviera Sauce Company, who will be joining us at the Mexican Food Cook-Off. Their salsas are amazing, featuring five different styles and flavors. Stop by and say hi to them this weekend as well.

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