We've been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for over six months now and I'll be honest, other than wondering if I could get enough toilet paper and being mad that I can't go have dinner and a drink at my favorite restaurant, the pandemic has been something I've reported on more than I've experienced.

I'm not proud of saying that. I didn't have to stay home and worry about losing my job. I didn't have to try to figure out how to keep little kids and teenagers from going crazy from being cooped up all day for weeks on end. I didn't have to try to keep my own fears and worries from overwhelming me as I watched the news get scarier and scarier while dealing with the loss of a job or kids at home. I just kept going to work and trying to do my best to make light of the situation and hopefully help a little.

Then on Monday I got the phone call from Mike telling me that his wife had tested positive for COVID-19. She was running fevers and had body aches and fatigue. They had gone to the ER and that's where they got the news. Now I had to tell my family. I take care of my folks who are in their mid-80s. Darren's folks are in their 80s as well and he had to tell them. My sisters and brother our immediate family had gotten together to celebrate my dad's birthday on Saturday night. We shouldn't have, but we did. And now I was terrified that I had gotten everyone sick. And I was worried about Mike's wife, a sweet friend of mine, going through being so sick.

Mike and I go to work every day but now we are quarantining at our houses. Mike is worried about his wife and I'm worried about my family. And I have to apologize to you our listeners. I didn't have to deal with the pandemic the way so many of you have, but I am now. I'm at home dealing with boredom and working online. I'm sorry that I ever thought that staying at home was easy. I'm sorry I ever thought that finding out someone had tested positive was scary but workable.

I hope that we all are safe from this pandemic and I hope our listeners accept my apology for being a little flip about things at times. I really do love all our listeners. I pray we get past this pandemic soon.

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