UPDATE (3/5): The company has reversed its decision and will continue to require all who enter wear face covering, even after March 10.

The largest grocery chain in El Paso will be ending its mask requirement once Gov. Abbott’s new statewide mask mandate goes into effect on March 10.

According to the executive order Abbott issued on Tuesday (3/2), all businesses can operate at 100% occupancy, and face coverings do not have to be worn in public places. A business, however, can still require its customers and employees to wear masks on its property. Beginning March 10, Albertsons will not be one of them.

"For customers, we will encourage face coverings, but will not mandate, and will be updating our signage accordingly," the company announced via press release, adding stores will continue their enhanced cleaning practices and social distancing guidance.

There are seven Alberstons locations in El Paso. Just an F.Y.I, if you’re unwilling to shop among the bare-faced, Albertsons offers delivery as well as a pick-up service, where your groceries are loaded directly into your car. There is a fee for both.

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Here’s where other big box chains that sell groceries and have one or more location in El Paso stand on masking and face coverings as of the publication of this article:


Employees and customers are still required to wear face masks, even those who have been vaccinated.

Sprouts Farmers Market

Policy on the company website still declares employees and customers are required to wear face masks, face coverings, or face shields.

Walmart/Sam's Club

New guidance has not been updated since the governor’s announcement. Company policy posted July 20, 2020 states customers of both establishments are required to wear a face mask.

Whole Foods

New guidance has not been updated since the governor’s announcement. Masks are still required according to the most recent mask policy dated July 20, 2020.


New guidance has not been updated since the governor’s announcement.
Employees and customers are required to wear face masks, per the company's most recent update on Nov. 10, 2020.

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