Mike and Tricia Morning's is kicking butt and taking names, baby!  First, Mike got a tweet from Lee Brice, this year's Sun Bowl halftime entertainer, confirming his appearance at the game waaaay before the "official announcement".  And, Friday morning, we'll hear from the First Lady of El Paso News, Estela Casas, about a rude remark Mario Lopez said at a weekend fundraiser!  Take THAT, TMZ!

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

A little background:  A listener called and said she was at the Big Brother's Big Sister's 'Dance For Kid's Sake' fundraiser that Estela was co-hosting with Mario over the weekend at the Plaza Theatre in Downtown El Paso.  All was going well, when he reportedly said that he wanted to see Estela dance next year.  Estela said if she did, he would have to pick out her costume, and Mario said, "I'll pick one out that shows off your chi-chi's."



Yeah, Mario Lopez defiled our Estela!  Well, I just got off the phone with her, and she said she would give Mike and Tricia Morning's listeners the scoop on what happened after that!

So tune in tomorrow morning in the 8 o'clock hour for our exclusive 'chi-chi' talk with Estela Casas!