During a story about stolen valor that aired last week during the World News Tonight, a reporter bought a Purple Heart medal at a military surplus store to show how easy it is to impersonate a member of our military. After the story aired, ABC decided to find the man whose name was engraved on the back of the Purple Heart.

Taft M. Joseph Jr. was a soldier in Vietnam when he was wounded. He sustained a severe head injury, but recovered from his injuries. He lives in Kansas, and thought the reporter who called him three times about his Purple Heart, was a telemarketer. Eventually, the reporter went to Taft's home and was able to return his lost Purple Heart.

To hear the emotion in Taft's voice as he held his lost, and now found, Purple Heart, is heartbreaking and heartwarming. We thank Taft, and all the veterans who have fought for our country, for their service and sacrifice. We are free because of them.