El Paso is the home of the Fort Bliss Army Base and for the most part, we almost forget that it's there. It's just such a normal part of life to see soldiers all over the city and run into various parts of the base which covers a huge swath of land. Part of the base will be host to a detonation practice today, so if you hear some booms, that's what it is.

Fort Bliss contractors say some members of the eastside of El Paso may hear loud detonation sounds throughout the day on Wednesday, February 19. Fort Bliss officials say there is nothing to be alarmed about but remember, you will hear the controlled detonation practice throughout the workday today.

If you live near US-180, Montana, or the Hueco Tanks area, you will be more likely to hear when the controlled detonations of practice munitions happen at Fort Bliss. I live in an area where I've heard the detonations and I gotta tell you, it does get your attention. The good thing is Fort Bliss officials let us know when they are doing controlled detonation exercises so even though they are startling, you aren't running around your house like the Wienerschnitzel hot dog.

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