A husky seen being brutally abandoned in Horizon yesterday has a new name and home as authorities look into the actions of its previous owner.

Thanks to The Real Fit Fam El Paso, local news outlets, and El Pasoans who began to share video footage of a dog abandoned on the side of the road went viral; we are happy to report that the canine in question has found a new name and loving home.

The video shows a vehicle pull over the side of the road in Horizon as someone gets out to unleash the dog before getting back into the car and speeding away as the dog runs after its owners.

It turns out that the person who filmed the evil deed was out there looking to rescue other abandoned animals when they came across the incident. The video is heartbreaking, especially seeing how the dog runs after its owners as the car leaves him behind. But thanks to the anonymous person that captured the whole gut-wrenching moment on video, the beautiful husky has a second chance at a new life with its new family.

After seeing the video, the Clapsaddle family stepped in to adopt the abandoned dog,  renaming it Nanook by its new owners, named after the pet husky in the 1987 film The Lost Boys.

Now the cruel and disgusting pet owners who dumped the dog are being sought by authorities.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the family that left the husky behind posting:

These crimes against our voiceless animal victims are taken seriously, and we actively seek to hold suspects accountable for these cruel acts.

Based on the video footage, the vehicle's plates are visible, making tracking these terrible human beings down easily. But just in case, anyone who has any information on this case is asked to call 915-832-4408.

While we are delighted that Nanook has a new forever home, we know that animal abuse and abandonment happen daily.

There are many options available to assist anyone who can no longer care for their pet, including:

  • Finding a foster arrangement
  • Contact a rescue group or no-kill shelter
  • Ask friends and family members for help
  • Take to social media to see if anyone is interested

Never under any circumstances is it acceptable to abandon any pet by the side of the road, and we can only hope that the owners at-fault get charged to the full extent of the law for their heartless acts.

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