So your wedding is coming up in days, weeks, months...well there is something you should always do, a beginning  CHECKLIST and wedding planning timelines is essential, get more detail at the El Paso Bridal Showcase!

I was never a list guy, BUT I sure AM now and the start came when i got hitched!  Of course there are things you need and don't.  Example, if your are not having a florist cause you have this awesomely talented FRIEND who has a green thumb and they will be creating boutonnieres, bouquets, and more, then of course no need to book florist 6 months in advance.

I have our old list somewhere, but what i remember


  • What are your wedding goals
  • Do you have a theme or style for your special day
  • Create that infamous BUDGET
  • Figure on how many friends and family will be helping out with the event
  • Wedding party, yay or nah?

After getting engaged:

  • LOOK and BOOK your wedding venue
  • Decide on ceremony and reception times
  • GUEST LIST(you will pull your hair out)
  • Look for vendors that don't come with venue
  • Who is going to be in your wedding

6 to 8 months out:

  • Start the website or Facebook page for wedding
  • send out your SAVE the DATES
  • Get other vendors you may have forgotten
  • What are you and your loved ones and the party wearing

5 months:

  • Think and choose your decor, and guest book, SEATING CHART(hard part or is it a free for all), and favors.

4 months out:

  • Visit your venue again and layout event
  • Shop for wedding rings
  • Are you gonna register somewhere or not, if so find a store

3 months out:

  • Talk with your honey to be what things you don't like and things you would like to have for example dollar dance, flower toss, etc...
  • Get the list on what family and friends will be handling

2 months out:

  • Do another fitting cause we lose and GAIN pounds
  • brainstorm those VOWS

6 weeks:

  • Mail out invites, make sure you have rehearsal dinner invites and RSVP's(also gonna make you pull your hair out)
  • Finish that timeline including final times

phew!!! there is soooo much more to the list...LETS GET YOU TO THE EL PASO BRIDAL SHOWCASE to be MORE informed, from 10-4, Sunday, February 25th, at EPIC Railyard Center

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