A tiger named Thor was found roaming the streets of Juárez, and now his owner is behind bars.

The Netflix docu-series Tiger King may have inspired a Juárez man who has been caught in illegal possession of a baby tiger named Thor.

KVIA is reporting that a Juárez man had a 5-month old tiger who was recently roaming the street of Juárez.

The baby tiger was seen freely roaming the Colonia Parajes de Oriente in South Juárez, setting off multiple calls to the authorities.

After multiple calls from frightened residents, police eventually located the tiger, which was found sleeping in the owner’s vehicle.

After tracking down the owner and unable to produce legal documents indicating ownership, he was arrested and jailed.

Thor was eventually captured by police and turned over to an animal rescue group for care.

Sadly, every year millions of animals are used for the exotic pet trade, including lions and tiger cubs. These animals are often sold as pets, only to be discarded by their owners when they grow too large and ferocious to care for.

The dangers of keeping exotic pets are extremely perilous. Tigers require constant special care and could pose a safety risk for owners and the public at large.

According to BornFreeUSA, an organization that aims to enhance the survival of threatened species in the wild estimates, 5,000 tigers are held by private individuals in the United States alone.


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