Many people were caught off guard and understandably sad when Luby's announced that they may be closing all of their restaurants last week.

While Luby's may have gained a reputation of being a place most frequented by senior citizens, the reaction from the general public clearly shows that Luby's has a special place in the hearts of people of all ages.

This possible closure got me thinking of other El Paso staples that are sadly no more.  Below is a list of five places that have closed.  Some of these closures are fairly recent, while others may require you to think back a little farther in time.

1. The Original 39¢ Hamburger Stand: This was one of the first restaurants that I distinctly remember thinking, "I can definitely afford lunch for me and a friend here!"  Located on the corner of Montana and Geronimo, the building was razed some time ago to make room for a strip mall.

2. Jaxon's: The Original Jaxon's was located on the corner of Mesa and Castellano streets.  One third the Rio Trio (I can still remember that jingle), Jaxon's served one of my all time favorite dishes, potato and green chile soup.  It was a bummer when all their locations eventually closed.

3. Cappetto's Italian Restaurant: Another member of the Rio Trio (Avila's is thankfully still chugging along), the Cappetto's location on Montana Street was the place to go to for great Italian food.  After initially closing their original location, they had a bit of a resurgence as Nuovo Cappetto's on Stanton Street in the Cincinnati Entertainment District.  Unfortunately, that location ended up closing in 2017.

4. Chelsea Street Pub: This was a staple at Bassett Center (now Bassett Place) for years!  Their outdoor entrance ensured that people could continue to enjoy food and drinks well after the mall closed for the evening.

5. Campus Queen: This Central El Paso shack holds a special place in my heart.  Located on Dyer street not far from Fort Blvd, high school kids from the area would frequent it on the weekends.  It was so easy to meet your friends at Chico's Taco's across the street and then walk over to Campus Queen to continue the night (or vice versa).

I know there are many more places I could have easily added to this list, but these five just stick out the most to me.

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