A woman in Las Cruces was sexually assaulted in her home after she held a yard sale. The Doña Ana County Sheriff's Office says the 46-year-old victim told them that two men, two adult females, and a child were at her home for about 20 minutes looking at items on sale. They left, but the men returned to the home about five minutes later and told the victim that they had left their cell phone inside the home. When she let them in, one of the men grabbed her arm and pulled her into the bathroom where he allegedly sexually assaulted her. The other man reportedly stood watch outside the door.

Before the men left, they told the victim that they would be back in 20 minutes. She drove to a nearby convenience store and called 9-1-1. Deputies are now looking for the men. The man who assaulted the victim is described as as 5'9" tall, and weighing approximately 150 pounds with short, salt-and-pepper hair, and no facial hair. The other man is believed to be in his 20s, 5' 6" tall with black hair and brown eyes. They are reportedly driving a maroon, older model Chevrolet four-door pickup truck.

If you have any information on this incident, please call the Doña Ana County Sheriff's Department at (575) 525-8806.

Here's how you can stay safe when you hold a garage sale:

1. Don't hold it inside your home - Never let anyone in your home. If they need to use the bathroom, tell them no, even if it's a child. The suspects in this case showed up with two women and a child, for God's sake. Don't let anyone in your home.

2. Don't let anyone inside your home - This can't be said enough. You aren't Dillard's. If someone needs to use a bathroom or change a kid's diaper, they need to go home.

3. Don't let anyone inside your home, even if they say they left something in there - If you do break down and let someone in, which you shouldn't, and someone says they left something, ask them to describe it, lock the door behind you and go look for it. These are strangers and I'm sorry, but if I have to choose between hurting your feelings and not getting assaulted, Imma hurt your feelings every damned time.

4. Don't feel the need to be polite - These are strangers. You are not Dillard's. You're selling stuff in your garage and in the driveway. We all know how garage sales work, and they don't come with bathroom facilities or the need for you to put yourself in danger.

5. Have someone with you, preferably the biggest, muscle-bound, gorilla-resembling friend you have - If I was going to have a garage sale, you can be damned sure I'm going to have as many of my peeps on hand and visible so no one is going to think that they can try anything stupid.

I feel terrible for the victim in this story. I hope she is ok and can move past this horrible incident. And I hope the two men who allegedly did this get their man parts stuck in a pit bull's mouth. And those two filthy women who know who these filthy men are - you have a special place reserved for you in hell if you don't come forward. You are horrible people.

Be safe out there.

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