The El Paso Sheriff's Office says three men assaulted and tried to kidnap a man for not paying bond to local bonding company. According to the Sheriff's Office the victim said 28 year old Aldo Navar Fernandez, 38 year old Carlos Alfredo Ortiz, and 47 year old Fernando Serrano ran into his car on purpose and after the accident they caused, they threatened him with a gun, assaulted him and then tried to kidnap him.

The details about the incident are very sketchy but apparently this all stemmed from the victim not coming up with a "bond payment requirement" to a bond company called 9 One 5 Bail Bonds. There aren't many details about what the bond requirement was or if the victim was the person who needed to be bailed out. Did the victim pay a bond for someone else? Who knows, all we really know is these three men tried to kidnap the victim, but the bigger question is, what exactly can a bail bond company do to you if you don't pay a bond?

Handcuff in Jail

According to this article, in Texas, bounty hunters can work for bail bonds company but they have to be "a licensed peace officer, a private investigator, or a commissioned security officer." You can be chased down by a bounty hunter but they have to tell you which specific bail bond agency they work for and they cannot wear a badge or uniform that makes them look like their in law enforcement because they aren't.

From what is being reported it isn't clear if the three men who are accused are licensed bounty hunters or if they work for 9one5 Bail Bonds, but the next time you run into a bounty hunter you should know what they can and can't do to you. And if you're running into bounty hunters you should probably start rethinking your life choices.

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