Billie Eilish has released her latest music video, which comes with an important message. The UN is hosting the 2019 Climate Action Summit on September 23rd and Billie is calling out all of us to make our voices heard on global warming. She is using the description section of her music video to spread the message of #climatestrike, which strives to get millions of people to strike on September 20th by taking to the streets to demand an end to the use of fossil fuels.

Keeping in the transition of her past music videos, Billie begins the 'All The Good Girls Go to Hell' music video where 'Bury a Friend' made us all cringe with the stabbing of all those needles in her back. We finally get an answer as to what was inside those needles.

It seems like some kind of serum which made her an angel. We knew from her voice she was one, but of course, in this video, she becomes a fallen angel. Billie falls right into a tar pit, which many animals do all around our world and usually face an ugly death. Future generations are becoming more aware of the dangers of climate change and are working to stop the damage that continues to be done all around our world.

Listen closely to the lyrics as Billie touches on many tragedies that have affected our beautiful earth, such as the fires in California and the oil spills in multiple areas of the world. If this video doesn't make you feel like Billie is looking into the future, you better pay attention to what is going on around you. The world is getting ugly, so let us do what we can to preserve it for our future. This El Paso heat is getting hotter and hotter. There is a science as to why. Billie is trying to warn you.

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