I realize that cronuts are not easy to come by, but paying $14,000 is pretty steep don’t you think?

Actually it was all for a good cause. Stacy Hock was the winning bidder at a charity auction benefiting City Harvest’s Bid Against Hunger. The $14,000 was an actual bid for a dozen cronuts.

Stacy Hock’s charitable heart continued after she received her dozen cronuts and proceeded to share her winnings with others at the event, keeping only two, one for her and one for her husband.

Cronuts have become extremely popular but not everyone sells them, prompting folks to buy them on Craigslist.

The coveted pastry is a croissant-doughnut hybrid, sugared, filled and glazed.

We El Pasoans are lucky to have one single bakery in town that carries fresh made cronuts, and that’s at Belle Sucre Bakery, who by the way will be joining us at A Taste of El Paso.

Have you ever tried a cronut?