Taste of El Paso The Fainting Goat Kitchen & Bar

Next Thursday your taste buds are in store for a delightful treat at Taste of El Paso! I had the pleasure of joining a couple co-workers for a quick bite at the Fainting Goat Kitchen & Bar. They sure do put together a mean Pesto Pasta that most bars with kitchens don't do. Their Pesto Pasta is usually made with fettuccine pasta but at Taste of El Paso they will be using Penne pasta instead. They sautee the pasta, fresh mushrooms, artichokes, and tomatoes in pesto sauce. Then after they top off the Pesto Pasta with grilled chicken and freshly shredded parmesan. This mouthwatering dish had the right amount of sauce and fresh ingredients. Don't you worry, they will also provide some bread so you can scrape off the sauce. Their Pesto Pasta will have you keep your fork hostage until you finish the whole plate! Taste of El Paso will help you discover a new favorite dish from restaurants you haven't eaten at.

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