Taste of El Paso is coming up on November 8, and Mike and I got the chance to taste one of the dessert offerings that you can sample that night. Luis from Cactus Flats brought in paletas that tasted like heaven on a stick.

Paletas are really only frozen fruit and juice, sometimes cream is added, but most of the time, they are flavored with artificial ingredients and taste like ice crystals on a stick. But Cactus Flats brought us cajeta paletas - say that fast three times! - and other amazing treats like strawberry and cream paletas, and strawberry and chocolate paletas. You have got to go to Taste of El Paso and try out all the restaurants that will be there to tantalize your taste buds, and make sure you try out the premium paletas at the Cactus Flats table!

Here are all the details for Taste of El Paso.

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