Someone in El Paso took their gingerbread making skills to a whole new level of awesome with a Chico’s Tacos themed gingerbread house.

This Chico’s Tacos gingerbread house looks good enough to eat!

One savvy El Pasoan entered his interoffice gingerbread house making contest by creating a Chico's Tacos themed gingerbread house.

The popularity of this Chico’s Tacos themed gingerbread house has re-emerged on social media again and is being passed off by others as their own creation.

The truth is, Luis Salazar of EFO Media is the man behind the famed Chico's Tacos themed gingerbread house. Last year, Salazar entered his office gingerbread house making contest, creating the Chico's Tacos themed gingerbread house based on his love of Chico's Tacos.

Take A Closer Look:

EFO Media FB
EFO Media FB

This Chico’s Tacos gingerbread house dons a roof made out of, you guessed it, Chico’s Tacos. Of course, no proper Chico’s Tacos gingerbread house is ever complete unless a good flurry of yellow cheese is sprinkled on top as well.

This unique gingerbread house also boasts a strand of colorful Christmas lights and a Chico’s Tacos sign above the door.

All that glorious cheese and rolled tacos did not go to waste because Luis Salazar ended up taking home the top prize in the interoffice contest.

Salazar’s simple approach and creative use of cheese and rolled tacos is what floored his inter-office competition, coming in the first place and taking home a sweet cash prize of $100.

Well done, sir. Well done.

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