Who doesn't love 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'? Sure the Peanuts kids are on their own for this holiday, like every other holiday, and sure, they have to pull together a friendsgiving because apparently Peppermint Patty and Marcy have no family who are going to have a holiday meal that they can attend, but eventually, some adult presumably drives the whole gang to grandmother's house at the end of the show.

I really do love this tv special, but you gotta admit, there are a lot of questions that get raised.

I even enjoy the extra part of the show that gives us a pretty accurate accounting of the pilgrim story. The tough voyage, the freezing weather, the starvation - Charles Schultz didn't exactly pull any punches with his animated explanation of how the pilgrim's came to America. Oddly enough, that is the thing that makes me love the Peanuts holiday specials. Schultz didn't talk down to kids. He gave us the real story, and a few laughs, but he assumed that we could handle the truth.

Make sure you don't miss Charlie Brown and the gang's Thanksgiving special. I really do love it. Really.

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