The All-American Rejects are back with a new tune and powerful video to back it up in ‘Sweat’.

Sweat is the new single from The All-American Rejects fifth studio album which is still in production. The video for Sweat also features a new single called Close Your Eyes which are two very different songs but compliment each other very well.

In the video, Tyson Ritter (singer for The All-American Rejects) is a cross dressing rich man (Betsy) who leads a double life but as the video continues a story begins to unfold and you soon start to realize that there is more going on than meets the eye. Somewhere in between a surprise party and having his friends and family over a fight ensues and soon after a timer goes off prompting everyone in the room to stand in line and collect their fee for the evening; everyone from his ‘wife’ to all his ‘friends’.

The video is interesting and powerful at the same time because it leaves it open for interpretation. Is he having an affair with the guy who he punches or are all these people just being bought off because he has no friends or family? Or is this video a literal visual of his character feeling that these people are only are around him because of his money? While we have no definitive answers it surely makes one think twice about it.

Ritter has long been interested in acting and by the looks of this video his acting chops are dead on.

We love The All-American Rejects for their daring video and thank Tyson Ritter for giving us a shout out as well.

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