Almost Half Of All Women Now Have A Tomato-Shaped Butt: According to a new survey, almost half of all women today have a TOMATO-shaped backside. The results - based on a study of 18,000 women – have been broken down into four categories: the Tomato, the Potato, the Pear, and the Nectarine.

--The Tomato: 45% of women now rock the tomato, which means a plumper, rounder backside that is, quote, "squishy to the touch." (???) Think Beyonce and J-Lo.
--The potato: The potato-shaped rear accounts for about 30% of women today. It's wide, long, and lumpy.--The pear: 15% of women have a pear-shaped backside: It's when you have a narrow waist, and a rear that's almost twice as wide at the base.
--The nectarine: Only 10% of women . . . or one in ten . . . have the nectarine. It looks like a, quote, "cartoon-esque perfection of two bowling balls pushed together."
According Dr. David Holmes of Manchester Metropolitan University, "In the 21st century, the effects of plentiful food have taken their toll and spherical derrieres have given way to the tomato and the more unfortunate potato rear."