Back in the day, fancy things you could buy at the grocery store were all the rage. Grey Poupon, Perrier, and wine coolers all made us think we were way too shmancy for the room. One of the fanciest things you could buy at your neighborhood grocery store was the ultimate in 80s store-bought decadence, the Vienetta Ice Cream cake.

Before we go any further, here is a classic commercial for Vienetta from the early 90s. Yes, the shmanciness extended into the 90s and you should know that I looked for a Vienetta commercial from the 80s but they were all terrible quality. Not the Vienetta, the commercials. Time has not been kind to 80s commercials and to get the full effect of just how glitzy this dessert was, I chose this commercial:

What did I tell you? You see the layers of swirly, twirly ice cream? Did you marvel at the snappiness of the chocolate coating when the Alexis Carrington wanna be broke through it? How about the wanton looks of desire when there was only one piece left and then the pseudo-European voice over telling you one piece is never enough? Yeah, Vienetta was fire.

Then 30 years ago it all ended. For some reason Vienetta was pulled off U. S. grocery store shelves but it was available elsewhere in the world, but the fancy ice cream gods have smiled on us and Vienetta will make its return to the U. S. soon. I looked and looked for the return date but couldn't find it. We'll just have to keep an eye out and grab them when we can because as you know, one slice is never enough.

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