El Paso is no stranger to the spotlight, and that includes being the home of several El Pasoans who have set impressive Guinness World Records throughout the years.

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El Paso is known for many things, especially its fascinating history, geographic position, cuisine, musicians, and artists alike, but did you know that El Paso is also home to Guinness World Records holders?

Record-breaking is serious business, and Guinness World Records has some pretty high and strict standards for measuring and documenting a potential world record.

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Sadly not all who attempt to break a record make it. In 2016 El Paso High School tried to break the record for the largest high school reunion but ultimately fell short of the feat.

Check out all the El Pasoans who did beat the odds and went on to be accepted by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Largest Pecan Pie

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El Paso Diablos Baseball Club made a pecan pie weighing over 41,500 lbs at Cohen Stadium back in May of 1999. The pie was so big the recipe required 3,471lb of flour, 2,085lbs of shortening, 170lbs of sugar and powdered milk each, and 3,000lbs of water for the crust alone and a filling that contained 1500 lbs of pecans.

Largest YMCA Dance

The largest YMCA dance happened thanks to the 40,148 participants who gathered at the Sun Bowl in December of 2008. The dance lasted 5 min and 34 seconds as all participants sang live. Also, in case you missed it, NYC tried to outdo us on NYE in 2019, but alas, El Paso still holds the record.

Most Consecutive Handsprings Done By A Female

On September 21, 2013, Jalyssa Walker broke the record for the most (53) consecutive handsprings by a female at the Sun Bowl.

The World’s Largest Gift Card

In 2017, Alon Brands Inc. officially set a record for the world's most giant gift card that measured 3.67 square meters or a little over 3 feet. To promote that ALON was selling gift cards, they created a promotion with a top prize of $10K, awarded a randomly selected local winner, Andrew Saldivar.

Largest Packaged Product Display

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In 2014 Lowe's Market stacked 72,000 12-packs of various Pepsi product varieties resulting in the world record for the largest packaged product display.

Highest Pinfall in Tenpin Bowling In 24hrs By A Pair

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In January 2014, El Pasoans Robert Hendricks and Hector Navedo bowled for 24 hours to drop 30,537 pins at Fiesta Lanes, breaking the record by about 2,000 pins.

Youngest Professional Music Producer

It’s no secret that El Paso is home to some legit musical talent, and Brandon Bailey Johnson is one of them. Six years ago, at the age of 12, Brandon was only 12 years became the World's Youngest Professional Music Producer with the release of his debut album "My Journey."

Pending: Marathon Runner

Most recently, in March, local El Pasoan Andrea Amaro officially ended the El Paso Marathon with a 26.2-mile run followed by 13.1 miles for the following 14 days. Amaro may well be El Paso’s next Guinness World Records holder as she patiently waits for her results to come in.

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