The El Paso Balloon Festival is happening this weekend. Here is a list of things you absolutely have to have with you to make the experience the best it can be.

Most of these things can be picked up at the dollar store for next to nothing and then reused all summer long at whatever event you take your family to. It seems like a lot of stuff to take, but believe me, you'll be glad you decided to be full-on adult when you need these things. So what can't you take to Balloon Fest? Check out that list here.

  • courtesy: George Doyle
    courtesy: George Doyle


    We live in the desert and that means a ton of sun. Don’t let your day be ruined by getting burned to a crisp. Bring a bottle and expect to use it up. Your family’s comfort is key, and a sunburn is mighty uncomfortable.

  • courtesy: Thomas Northcut
    courtesy: Thomas Northcut


    Umbrellas are great, but juggling them and a drink and holding a kid's hand and pushing a stroller is a pain in the neck. A hat is instant shade you don't have to worry about poking someone in the eye with.

  • courtesy: yocamon
    courtesy: yocamon


    Just like your skin needs to be protected against the sun, so do your eyes.  Cheap sunglasses isn't just a great song, it's the way to go at Balloon Fest.  Let your kids pick out a pair at the dollar store and you won't care if they only last the day.

  • courtesy: Digital Vision
    courtesy: Digital Vision


    If you're like me, you hate sitting down on grass.  While you're at the dollar store for shades, grab a big tablecloth or a thin blanket to park your butt on.  If you have kiddos, they might need a quick snooze, and that blanket will keep them grass and dirt free while they grab a nap.

  • courtesy: Gary Shannon
    courtesy: Gary Shannon

    Baby wipes

    You might not be close to a faucet like this one all the time, and there is nothing worse than a sticky kid, or sticky adult, for that matter.  You can get a packet of 100 baby wipes for a few bucks, and believe me, being able to tidy up your beasties without having to pick up all your stuff and make a run to the restroom is priceless.

  • courtesy: SerrNovik
    courtesy: SerrNovik


    It's summer, so an extra set of clothes per kid can easily be rolled up inside a gallon sized baggie.  Squeeze all the air out to make them even more compact, and then revel in the fact that you have a fresh, dry set of clothes for your monsters in case of a food or soda catastrophe.

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