The KISS FM El Paso Bridal Showcase is happening this weekend, and if you're an El Paso bride, you know there are some things that you absolutely cannot do without at your wedding:

1. Dollar Dance - This is a time honored tradition where people pin money on the bride and groom. You are paying to dance with them and helping offset costs of the wedding, or just giving them some fun money to use on their honeymoon. But just like the payout for the Tooth Fairy has gone from a quarter to a couple of bucks a tooth, the Dollar Dance payout has also increased. Be prepared to fork over at least a fiver.

2. Brisket and beans - If you are at a backyard wedding or even a nice party hall, you can bet that someone's abuelita and tias made enough brisket to feed an army, and gallons of beans and chili con queso to accompany it. That's the best thing about an El Paso wedding - we never let you leave hungry.

3. The kid's room - We take our kids everywhere with us, so you'll need a room set aside for the little ones. A tv, some toys, and a floor you can mop after everyone has gone home are a must because no matter how hard you try to avoid it, they will take their sodas and plates of brisket and beans into the room and make a mess.

4. A DJ - Yes, other cities have DJs at weddings, but we go through disco, '50s and 60's era oldies that your parents and grandparents listened to while they cruised Ascarate or Album Park, cumbias and corridas that will make you feel like you've run a marathon after you've danced to them, and '80s power ballads to cool down with. We like to dance all night at our weddings.

5. The Señoras - These are the ladies who either sit in the corner or stand in the kitchen and talk smack about all the other ladies who are wearing their dress too short or too tight, who put on too much makeup, or are flirting with someone else's husband. These ladies will cut you, but they are the most fun to hang around. They are the reason why I say 'If you can't say something nice, come sit by me.' Get in good with these ladies, or they'll talk about you, too!

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