Mother's Day is right around the corner and I know you are pulling your hair out trying to figure out what to get her. If your mom has a green thumb, or if she's like me and plants run from her because she stinks at gardening but she still loves to work in the yard, these are some fantastic ideas for Mother's Day. Get one or get them all but she will thank you because you can never have too much gardening equipment.

1. Really good gloves - There is nothing worse than digging around in the yard and having your finger go through your gardening glove. Invest in a good pair of leather gloves that will stand up to a lot of hardcore gardening. I got a pair that lasted me 3 years. They're worth the money.


2. Hand cart - Your mom can use this to move pots around the porch or to the backyard when she has bought a new one. She can even use it inside the house in case a piece of furniture needs to be moved.


3. Watering globes - El Paso summers are brutal and pots always dry out quickly in the heat. Watering globes will help keep her pots watered with very little effort and they're pretty, too.


4. Wheelbarrow - I used to think a wheelbarrow was silly and old-fashioned but dragging in bags of soil or flats of plants takes a toll on your back. A good wheelbarrow is such a great gardening tool and it will keep you from having to do all the heavy lifting for your mom.


5. Straw hat - Again, El Paso summers are brutal and a really good wide-brimmed straw hat will help keep your mom cool in the sun while she works on her garden. Get one with a really wide brim so it provides lots of shade.


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