Remember your high school years?

Before the advent of technology we were care-free kids walking around passing notes, hanging out with friends, sometimes planning a ditch day and loving every minute of our youth.

Here are 5 things that high school kids no longer do:

  • Use Cliff Notes: Google to the rescue
  • Pass notes: The fine art of communicating with your friends and simultaneously being able to fold that note in such an intricate way it was nearly origami.
  • Phone numbers: In high school I knew everyone’s phone number. Now, I can barely remember my own number.
  • Go to the mall: I remember going to the mall or the movies to hang with my friends. Now, rarely do I see clicks of kids hanging anywhere.
  • The library: In high school I adored our library – not only would I actually check out books but I’d go hang out to read a book and just chill.

What are some things that you remember from your high school years?